The Adventure of Camp Nana Papa

May 2, 2016

Camp Nana Papa

A child’s time spent with their Nana and Papa is always special no matter how frequent or infrequent. Who wouldn’t love all the undivided attention, fun adventures, endless stories, sweet snacks and never-ending cuddles? Children love being spoiled by their grandparents and the memories stay with them forever.

The special times spent with his own grandmother inspired author Donnie Cranfill to write the Adventures of Camp Nana Papa children’s book (and forthcoming series) and found the company Camp Nana Papa, an online retail store and social media hub for doting grandparents. The Adventures of Camp Nana Papa tells the story of two children, Nick and Sarah and their friend Flash the Firefly, enjoying a fun-filled weekend with their grandparents. The adventures characters Nick and Sarah enjoy may be similar and relatable to the fun adventures your own children have with their Nana and Papa. This hardback book also includes six keepsake pages to personalize and preserve special memories for each grandchild.

The Adventures of Camp Nana Papa can be purchased alone or in conjunction with the plush “Flash the Firefly” which actually lights up and comes in two sizes. Visit Camp Nana Papa to purchase your copy and other adventurous products to make your day with the grandparents memorable.

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