Baby’s Brillant

December 14, 2015



Baby’s Brilliant wants to lend parents a helping hand. The interactive app is designed for children of 6 months to 5 years old and acts as a great tool for keeping them occupied during lengthy travels. Baby’s Brilliant also has several popular children’s books that will keep kids entertained. The Baby’s Brilliant app is filled with educational and entertaining videos and music. It teaches babies and toddlers concepts like letters, numbers and colors.

The interactive features include:

  • 3 free in-app downloads (free previews of content)
  • NEW! 5 Christmas songs and an animated version of Jingle Bells available for free
  • Additional video and music downloads cost only 99¢ each
  • Categories include educational, entertainment, lullabies, nature, classical, night lights, popular children’s songs and more
  • Some videos and songs are available in Chinese, French, German and Spanish
  • Ability to create playlists so that videos and songs play automatically in the order of your choice
  •  Parental controls prevent children from making in-app purchases


Download Baby’s Brilliant for FREE from the iTunes app store or at

*Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod*

You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and You Tube

This family owned and operated business operation generously donates 10% of the proceeds from Baby’s Brilliant in-app purchases to different charities each month!

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