Krista is an outgoing, well spoken, playing with herbs, nature lover who loves to read and give hugs to everyone she encounters. Krista is recently Finding her Forty (http://findingmyforty.com/) and has a new perspective on life and what’s important! Krista is married to Marques “Big Cleve” Evans who is the lead pastor of Revolution 216 in Cleveland, Ohio. Together they have four Fantastic children who all enjoy working out together, family game nights and walking in the park.

Message for moms: Don’t stop being You! As a mother I thought that I had to answer the call of duty as a wife and mother; somehow I left myself out of this equation. I’ve now learned that I can still be a great wife and mother and still be myself! I now have “mommy moments” where I just need to get away and this is alright. We may never stop being moms but we can all be “super moms” in our very own way every day! Stay True to Who You Are!


T17103781_848102815084_2663174658741066702_nerri Thomas is a wife of 9 years and a stay at home mother to 4 beautiful children she lives in the city of Buffalo, NY where she is the founder, CEO of Divas Sisterhood mentoring  (A Youth Development Program just for girls) http://mrsterri2012.wixsite.com/divasofdestiny Terri is also  very active in her local community as a Girls activist advocate http://girlsactivist.weebly.com/with offering girls etiquette classes princess training & women workshops. Terri is devoted to serving god and raising her children in a godly environment  and investing seeds of encouragement  for her children to have their own personal relationship with “God”  Terri also serves in her local church as a member of the praise and worship team.

Message to Moms:17309903_851162708034_2300417437040597565_o

You were created to be great, never give up on the authentic you! The bible tells us in Psalms 31:4 Keep me free from the trap that is set for me, for you are my refuge. The traps of  Fear Failure & Low self esteem and all the emotions that may try to attach themselves to you, being a mom is not easy SOMETIMES it can be extremely overwhelming but the reward of seeing smiling faces and hearing “Mom I love you” and most of all to know that god hand picked you and entrusted you to nature, carry and love someone so dear to him is enough to keep on pushing. I love to encourage moms and wives that we are the fragrance of our homes and the first example to our children of what a woman is suppose to look like and how a woman is suppose to act and carry herself. Always remember you were built for this Proverbs 31:17 “She sets about her work vigorously: her arms are strong for her task.”

IMG_8679Katie Phelan is a wife and mother of 4. She is an online health and fitness coach, certified Insanity instructor as well as a clinical social worker. She works part-time as a therapist while being able to be at home with her children the other 5 days of the week. Her true passion lies in helping women find their inner strength and using it to better not only their lives, but their family’s and the world. Katie is working to become a full time entrepreneur so that she can be home with her children full time while enabling her to be fully present in their lives for their entire childhood. 

If she is not at work, she’s running around with her children to sporting events, cub scouts, or just enjoying their company. Katie also teach religious education classes at church and looking to become more involved with her community to help promote overall health and wellness. She believes being a mother is a full time a job and women should be able to be home if they choose. Mothers should not have to constantly choose between being present at work or being present for their children. It is for this “simpler” life that she is working for. She looks forward to the day when she can help more women realize their inner capacity while continuing to thrive as mothers.

Message to Moms:IMG_0498

Come as you are. We all have strength and beauty within us and it is through nurturing that that we will pass along bravery, courage, strength and independence to our children. Do not be afraid to set boundaries with your children, they will appreciate it. Do not be afraid to have them take active part in the family chores, they will be better for it later. Do not be afraid to not always fix everything thing for them, it is through trials and struggles you will see them develop into the most beautiful and strong individuals. And remember being a mom is hard. It is truly harder than any of us ever could imagine, but it is so worth it. But that does not mean you will not have hard days and days you want to just curl up in a ball. It is in theIMG_0219se moments you MUST make sure you are taking care of yourself- both for yourself and your children. Do not neglect your health- any part of it- physical, emotional, or mental. If you model good self-care your children will learn the same and be set for life.

They can find out more health, fitness, and parenting tips as well as recipes and day-to-day mom life moments on her business page: www.facebook.com/KatiePhelan4 

Kamron KhanKamron is a wife, proud mother of a little boy and a little girl, and the owner of Kamron Khan Photography. Her passion for photography actually began with the birth of her daughter as she wanted to be able to document her life with beautiful photos. She is now a full time entrepreneur, who enjoys being able to pick her kids up from school every day. When she’s not photographing a wedding or portrait session, you can find her running to ice skating lessons, helping with homework, getting pedis with her daughter, playing blocks with her son, or at date night with her husband (date night usually consists of watching a movie or playing video games after the kids go to sleep).

Message to moms:

Don’t be afraid to go for what you want. Yes, being a mother and wife can make the process a little harder, but if you don’t start today, 5 years from now you’ll wish you had. If you are a working mom or business owner, you have A LOT on your plate. Take some time for yourself and don’t feel guilty about it. Your family NEEDS you to be happy and healthy, so you can take care of them to the best of your ability.

Learn and see more the wonderful work check out her site at www.kamronkhan.com

You can also follow her on IG @kamron_khan Twitter @kamron_khan FB @kamronkhanphotography and Pinterest @kamronkhan

VR MOMVeranda Rodgers is Radio One  Cleveland’s  2016 Future Black History  Maker  Honoree and  Who’s  Who in  Black  Cleveland  Community  Leader. She is also the founder and CEO of Pregnant with Possibilities (PPRC). PPRC is a nonprofit agency dedicated to pregnancy prevention, restoring hope and possibilities within young women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, and preventing subsequent births to none equipped women and teenage girls in urban communities.  Veranda uses her own experiences to be an inspiration to the women she serves.

Veranda’s encouraging message to moms….

There is a blessing in the stretching. The term stretching has a dual meaning. Stretching is the process of extending or enlarging beyond the usual limits, while within pregnancy stretching is the process in which the abdomen expands and causes discomfort. Throughout life as moms we will stretch in one way or another, but it’s how we adapt to the change that will affect our future.

At the age of sixteen I was stretching in more ways than one. My stomach was expanding from the life growing inside of me, while I was intentionally evolving into a mother, a role model, and the other various hats women portray. After delivering a precious baby boy two weeks after my seventeenth birthday, I understood that my actions from that point on affected the both of us.

Upon graduating high school, I was college bound. I knew the journey would be hard, but necessary. After receiving several college acceptance letters I made the choice to attend Cleveland State University. The university was about an hour away from my hometown and family. It was close enough just in case of an emergency situation, but far enough for me to experience the strains of being a single mother in college trying to work and maintain.

Having a strong support system is the key ingredient to my success. During my first year of college Monday through Friday my parents allowed me to focus on my studies, and work part-time, while they cared for my son. I will forever be exceptionally grateful for their many sacrifices and unconditionally love. This allowed me the chance to adjust to my new environment, develop a plan for my studies, search for a childcare and find a safe community to raise my child.VR MOM 1

My sophomore year of college I moved my son to Cleveland, and this by far was the hardest period of the process. How do you explain to a toddler why he has to go to daycare early in the morning while it’s dark and get picked up late at night when it’s dark? How do you explain that you’re working full-time to provide while being a full- time student. At this point my entire life was structured and the only thing I knew to do was push while using my son as my motivation. There was so many times I wanted to give up, take a break, and have a pity part but what would that do? Just delay my progress, maybe put me in line at child and family services, or possible put myself in a worst situation than I was already in…

So often many women let the birth of a child become a stumbling block for success, or progression… But why? Just as we physically birth a baby while in labor and delivery let’s give birth to our dreams, hopes, and aspirations! At this point I’ve naturally birthed two children and the pain I endured was excruciating, however the joy I felt the moment I looked into my children’s innocent eyes made everything worthwhile. This analogy is the same when it came to attending college right out of high school. I knew that I was taking on a challenging task and the stretching of my faith, courage, and stemma would be tested, but on December 19, 2010 when I walked across the stage to obtain my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administrative the trials and tribulations were minuet to the happiness I felt. Teenage pregnancy has several negative connotations, but I’m here to say that I’m thankful for the stretching, because it’s made me who I am. With 30 knocking at the door I can honestly say I wouldn’t have wanted my journey to be any other way. I went on to obtain a MBA in 2013, I married the man I feel in love with at 15, we now have two beautiful children; and we’ve worked hard to build a life together.

Life will always be a journey and it’s extremely important to embrace the process and breath! As you stretch be sure to learn, grow, and make the necessary adjustments. Never let anyone tell you what you can’t accomplish, and it’s never to late to make great decisions to “Birth Possibilities”…

MOM 2Zara Hairston is the founder, CEO and editor-in-chief of Love-Life, Inc., YourHeartShape, Moms In Christ, BComingMe, Sister Keepers and Arrow Spring Academy. With a bachelor of arts in Journalism from Temple University, and a master of arts in Christian Counseling from Jacksonville Theological Seminary (where she was also ordained), she uniquely draws people to the Cross of Christ through writing, counseling, and speaking. Zara’s also an author, and an artist who has featured on multiple Christian rap songs. Currently, she resides in the Atlanta area with her husband Eshon Burgundy and their three children.

Encouraging message for moms: Comparable to no other role in life, countless dimensions are in competition with the peace a mother needs. If you’re not intentional about creating space for you to refuel and renew your Spirit, the stress will floor you to a hospital bed. I am a living witness. You may feel discouraged because you can’t afford an exotic island vacation, however, it’s no excuse to toss your opportunity for renewal out the window. Instead, you might check into a local hotel and imagine you’re on a remote island at a top resort! There, talk to God, write in a journal and breathe….just (whatever you do) do not (I repeat, do not) work. I recommend this at least once a month. In many cases, our peace of mind depends on it.MOM 1

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Shammeer Sorrell 1

Shammeer J. Sorrell is 13 year lupus survivor, a stay at home mother of two small children. She is also expecting twins January 2017. She has been married for 5 years to her former coworker and friend. Her journey has been a series of major obstacles that has empowered her to pursue greatness. Lupus made life complicated when she was 18 years old. Symptoms were constant and relief only came through medications. But her mother encouraged her to stay in school despite her condition. Her mother’s motivation helped her become a walk on for a community college track and field team, earn a scholarship to a university and finish four degrees.

Her earned her Masters in Social Work and Public Administration from the University of Southern California. She’s also a Geriatric Social Work Education Consortium Graduate. She implemented skills in micro, mezzo, and macro settings as an economic case manager and Emergency Alert Response System Reassessment Investigator for the City of Los Angeles Department of Aging. She has cultivated her clinical experience as a counselor for older adult psychiatric patients at Olympia Medical Center. Moreover, she worked in a rape crisis center as a counselor to survivors of sexual assault at the Young Women’s Christian Association. As a student, she participated in a handful of extracurricular activities. She was chair and treasurer of the Christian Social Work Caucus. She competed to become Miss Black Los Angeles and State Ambassador for the Miss Black California Pageant respectively. She is a recipient of the School of Social Work’s Dean-scholarship and Phillip-Levin Scholarship.

Shammeer has suffered from a gamut of flares during various times of her life: while studying for exams, working a job, going on a date, or during a track meet. One of the most disappointing realities of dealing with lupus is the lack of friendship. She believes the demand of a chronic illness divides her energy from pursuing deep, personal, long term connections. Sometimes she is just too tired to engage or too overwhelmed with personal struggles to try and be happy. Sadness and depression is a component of her lupus but her faith in God has pushed her through many troubling and painful moments.Shammeer Sorrell

“Enjoy your life” is the motto she expresses to her children. Her outlook on life is positive and filled with strength as she encourages others. She focuses on a plan and the future to grasp that life continues with goodness. God provides for those who are in need. She strongly believes that if you give yourself, your body, and your heart to God that you will be made whole. Bravely, she stands by that her body is a living sacrifice to God and knows that her body may be filled with antibodies, swollen lymph nodes, inflammation, and pain that she cannot control. However, she is made to perform, sweat, cry, hurt, overcome, and triumph to bring glory to God.

Currently, Shammeer is illustrating and writing a children’s book about her morning struggle with a chronic illness and an energetic child. She anticipates self-publication and release by the end of summer 2016. In addition, she started a blog called HurdleMountain on wordpress.com to inspire others who may be battling an obstacle in life and she provides periodical update on her twin pregnancy.

Racheal Scott

Rachel Scott is a wife, mother, mentor, author, blogger and teacher. She is a graduate of Kansas State University and The University of Mary. She is the author of, “7 Ways to Deal with Conflict in Co-Parenting” and co-author of “Better Than Blended” a workbook for step families written with her husband. Rachel is deeply devoted to serving God and raising her children in a Godly home where they experience authenticity and embrace their imperfections.  She is dedicated to encouraging blended families and working alongside her husband to accomplish this goal.

Scott Family Photo

 Encouraging message for moms: “In this journey of motherhood I am learning to embrace my seasons of “better” and “best”. By accepting my imperfections I realize that perfection is too great of a burden. As I focus on becoming ‘better’  I become MY ‘best’ not anyones elses idea or theory of whats best. When I’m in a season of life that is full and busy my best may be spending 5 minutes of quality time with my kids after everything is done for the night. In my lighter seasons my best may be being intentional with putting my phone down and playing with my kids outside, planning a family vacation or watching a movie together. As mothers there are so many things we can be, but perfect isn’t one of them. We must learn to embrace our seasons and give our best in the season we are in.”

You can find Rachel on:




Huffington Post- http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rachel-g-scott/

Catherine Haala 4

Growing up on a small family farm in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, Catherine Haala (www.catherineahaala.com) lived a simple life. Years later, she was in for quite the shock when she witnessed real poverty for the first time while working on location as a model in the Philippines. These images stayed with her.

Now, Haala is founder and president of non-profit organization The World is Our Neighborhood (TWION), through which for nearly 14 years she has teamed up with like-minded individuals to help raise the level of healthcare and provide other valuable assistance for people in countries experiencing extreme poverty. During this time, Haala was inspired to write a poem that she eventually incorporated onto the celebratory commemorative plaques given to children’s schools, hospitals and orphanages that received TWION assistance.

What is TWION and why did you start it?

The World is Our Neighborhood (TWION.org). TWION is a 501(c)(3)
volunteer (no salaries) charity working with the poor, elderly, mentally andCatherine Haala 3
physically challenged. Teaming up with like-minded individuals, TWION
specializes in the relocation of fully functioning rooms of used medical
equipment, supplies and furnishings from IMEC USA to healthcare
facilities, orphanages, clinics, health centers and nursing homes in other
Together, we work to raise the level of healthcare, building strong
relationships based on teamwork, accountability, love and laughter! Other
TWION projects include Learning Impact, Project USA, Precious Lives,
Gifts of Love, Blankets for Babies, and Soc it to Em.
What was your inspiration in writing “I Love Me”?
I Love Me originated from a poem that I wrote and included on some of The World is
Our Neighborhood children’s project plaques.
I believe that giving a message of self-love and love of others to children at an early age
is one of the most important things that we can do for them and for our world. 
Catherine Haala 1
How has your book “I Love Me” helped you? 
I am a work in process with an intention to continually move to a higher good and
greater joy.   Love, gratitude and forgiveness are all major forces in creating a world that
works for everyone.
Have you dealt with low self-esteem?  If so, what advice can you give
to a fellow woman who is currently experiencing it?
Yes, I have dealt with low self-esteem.   If we look back on our lives, many of us can
remember times when someone said or did something that shook our confidence and
self esteem.   When those issues come up for me, I do not suppress or empower the
negative thoughts, instead,  I observe them.  If the thought does not serve me,  I
consciously release the thought and immediately replace it with a thought that does
serve me.   I live my life more consciously. 
Steps to changing my thoughts.
1. I accept that Perfect Love protects, guides and supports me in everything that I “choose” to
think, say and do and ultimately what I believe.
2. I Observe my thoughts and live more consciously. Are my thoughts loving, healthy, grateful,
happy, nurturing, positive, forgiving for my highest good and greatest joy kind of thoughts? It
may be helpful to clarify thought patterns by writing them down, talking to a trusted friend,
minister or professional. (be specific how does the thought look, feel, behave, what color and
size is it?
3. If I have a thought pattern that does not serve me, I choose to release it by stating that I am
releasing the pattern. I write down, communicate or visualize and see the thought pattern beingCatherine Haala 5
removed, released, uprooted, transformed or let go of.
4. Immediately after releasing a negative thought pattern, I replace it with a positive thought
pattern. (Hint, a new positive thought is usually opposite the one that you just released.) I
affirm that all good and only good comes into my life each and every day. I am continually
moving to a higher good and greater joy! Out of this, only good will come!
5. Be firm. You do not have to be afraid of your thought pattern. If the old thought pattern pops
back up again, repeat step four)
6. Last but not least, I am grateful. Appreciation and gratitude, will bring more things to be
grateful for into my life.
Although Catherine is not a biological mother, she has impacted the lives, as any mother would, for many children through her passion of helping those in poverty. Thank you for being YOU!


Sarah M. Johnson is a wife and a mother of two wonderful children. She has a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work. She plans to open up a private practice office and guide those who are seeking their own self-discoveries of love and happiness.

August 25, 2015 she published an inspirational memoir called, Life Is Beautiful. Sarah takes you on a full journey of trauma, loss, and finally resilience. Sarah shares her story and her self-discovery to accept this new life. I had the honor in interviewing her about her book and the life story.

I want to say that your story is phenomenal. There are several life changing events that have transpired, but the most memorable was the plane crash in Guatemala. This led to the death of your father, brother and other passengers. Take us back at that moment. At 19 years old, what was going through your mind? 

“I can’t believe my family is dead.  What am I going to do without my family?”  As I state in the book, I thought my mother was killed in the crash after it blew up.  For about two hours, I thought my mother was dead.  I knew dad and Zachary were dead, but the fact that my mother was dead too was just daunting.  “What am I going to do without my family?” was the question that kept racing through my mind. At 19 years old, this was a very surreal experience for me.  I honestly thought I was in a bad dream.  I could not wrap my mind around this new reality and what had just happened. When I was at the local hospital, and my mother was rushed by on a gurney, I was ecstatic and relieved to know that my mother was alive.  But after taking a look at her severe wounds/burns, I was heartbroken.  She did not look good, and it was heartbreaking to see her in such distress. After the helicopter arrived, the rescuers were taking us to a hospital in Guatemala City.  My mother and two other passengers who survived were lying on the floor of the helicopter covered with sheets.  I was sitting in a chair looking out the window.  There were mountains everywhere.  In that moment of staring out the window, I thought to myself, “I have to leave my dad and brother behind…”  I looked down at my mother and thanked God me and my mother were alive. I would not be where I am today if my mother was killed that day, too.  At 19, I could live without my dad and brother, but I could NOT have lived without my dad, brother, AND mother.  

I know your mother suffered severe burns and emotional distress from the crash. It’s clear that you and her deal with circumstances differently. Can you explain how this has affected the relationship between you and her?

My mother and I are originally very different.  Before the crash even happened, I experienced a spiritual experience and saw “The Light.”  This experience changed my life before and had a significant impact in my healing after the crash.  To heal, I relied on God and my faith that “everything happens for a reason.”  I also knew, in my heart, that dad and Zachary were now in a spiritual realm – in the Heavens above, guiding and watching over my life on earth.  This faith pushed me through the darkness of trauma and grief, and pushed me into an acceptance of the terrible experience. My mother on the other hand, has pushed the experience away.  Her lack of acceptance, therapy, and support has put significant emotional distance between the two of us.  It has been a difficult and sad experience for me. My mother has taught me a very important lesson, however.  I CANNOT CHANGE ANYONE BUT MYSELF.  I looked at my mother for years expecting her to change so I could feel better about myself and our relationship.  With therapy and a lingering resentment, I decided to work on forgiveness and acceptance.  I was going to forgive my mother for not being emotional available to me and accept her for who she is. This took years. But it finally came, and the negative feelings, expectations, and bitterness I experienced towards my mother left my body. Our relationship is civil.  I love my mother for who she is and the way she has dealt with this awful situation.  I feel terrible and honestly cannot imagine losing a husband and a son.  I can’t imagine watching my daughter, after losing my husband and son, start her own family after just losing mine.  I bet it is bitter-sweet for her. Accepting others for who they are is key to life.  Only we have power to control ourselves.  Let go of expectations and forgive often.  I am forever grateful for my mother.  I love her unconditionally and thank God everyday she is with me to watch my family grow.  Without her, I would not be who I am today.  

Your first year of college didn’t go so well and you became addicted to alcohol. Why do you think you directly or indirectly chose alcohol as a coping mechanism?

The moment I tasted alcohol when I was 17 years old, I fell in love.  I loved the way it made me feel, the confidence it gave it me, and the relief I experienced.  The love of alcohol is in my blood, I chose alcohol to relieve serious pain I was experiencing both directly and indirectly.  

After all you’d been through, you eventually started down the path to self discovery and got help for your issues. Along with joining AA, you met Pauline. She seemed like your voice of reason during your road to recovery. She said, “You don’t ever get over loss. You learn to live with it.” How has she helped you on your journey? 

Pauline was my angel when I needed her the most.  She understood my values, thoughts, and beliefs.  She understood that I was in serious pain, more pain than I would admit.  She understood that it was important for me to EVENTUALLY grieve the loss of my dad and brother. (This took quite a bit of time to actually talk about the airplane crash itself.) But more than anything, Pauline was the only positive thing in my life.  She pushed me into outpatient treatment, she got me back into school, and she allowed me to be myself.  Without Pauline’s love, and great therapy skills, I have no idea where I would be today.  She was a definite “Godwink Link” in my life.  

You could have decided to end your life and give up when life happened in the worst possible way, but you didn’t. For someone who may have gone or is currently going through a similar situation and doesn’t know where to turn, what advise would you give them?

IT’S OK TO ASK FOR HELP! We all have two things in common: love and suffering. We all love and want to be loved. We also all go through our own personal suffering.  Most of us; however, do not want to talk about our internal suffering due to shame, judgement, or other negative opinions by others. But, WE ALL SUFFER, and it’s ok. Suffering is the gateway for change.  Suffering builds character.  Suffering instills hope. But for those who are currently suffering in their lives right now, one must first accept they are suffering. One must take a look at their life and say they want something different. One must be willing to make significant changes, experience rotten feelings, cry, grieve, etc. to move through the suffering.  But, first, we have to ACCEPT we are suffering. Then, it’s the persons’ responsibility to either ask for help or accept help offered. It’s ok not to know what to do. But others have and are currently suffering in their lives WANT TO HELP OTHER PEOPLE. It’s a bonding experience. Love and suffering brings people together. And individuals’ who have suffered, and admit they have suffered, can truly help and bring hope and peace to others.  

To learn more about Sarah you can connect with her via Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

The Warrens

Gloria Warren is 24 years old, wife, and mother. She married her true love, Mr. Bryson Warren on February 18, 2012 at the age of 20. Within their 3 years of marriage, they’ve had two precious sons. And even though her plate is full being a wife and mother, she wears many other hats. She is also a cosmetologist, singer, songwriter, blogger, encourager, web designer, boutique owner, and founder.

Back in October of 2013, the Lord led her to step out by faith to form the ministry, “A Princess’ Heart for Jesus.” The purpose behind this ministry is to help women follow after Jesus Christ (their first love) with their whole hearts. God has blessed this ministry in so many ways and through A.P.H.F.J., women have been reached all over the world. (United States, Africa, Canada, France, United Kingdom). If you want to connect with Gloria on a more personal level, visit her at www.GloriaWarren.com. The number one message that goes forth is for all to have a repentant heart because eternity is at hand.

She wants to remind other women of some things, “that the Most High is birthing a new thing in the lives of His people and He needs for all of us to be on one accord. Whatever your story may be, our Father has need of you sister and wants to use you now! Don’t let the distractions of this world and household responsibilities keep you from answering the call that has been placed over your life.”


Marlia Bryonne is just as unique as her name. She is a 27 year single mom that has a little bit of everything going for herself. She is the mom of two handsome and very independent young boys, Jamare(5) and Jamere(3). Marlia admits that she mixes up their names often and she completely takes the blame for any confusion attached to their names being almost identical. With very different personalities and educational paths, Marlia and her children’s father have determined which methods work best for each child. They focus on maximizing the boy’s potential right where they are. Marlia believes that it is very important for adults and children to live purpose filled lives and her kids are no exception.

Marlia hones in on their natural talents, gifts, and abilities. She engages in sound biblical teachings and practical living strategies so that her children are prepared for their calling. Her children knows and loves God, and they have a relationship with Him. This is something that is very important to Marlia. She truly believes that the seeds that she has planted inside of her children will grow and lead them to purpose filled lives in Christ.

Outside of being a mother Marlia is also a superhero, writer, speaker, actress, dancer, real estate investor, movie head, swimming and biking fanatic, and comedian. She secretly wears the hat of a comedian and those that know her can always depend on her for a great laugh! In Marlia’s mind she is a superhero. Everyday she wakes up with a mission to save lives. Her weapons of choice are the Bible, prayer, fasting, and wisdom. With this fully loaded arsenal, Marlia has stopped suicide attempts, depression, joblessness, and many other attacks that have hit those around her.

Marlia’s desire is to inspire and provide people with the hope that she has found in Christ. She believes in restoring, strengthening, and cultivating the broken souls in individuals all around the world. Marlia believes that many people are damaged and in need of an everlasting fix. She boldly states that God is the answer. Marlia will be pushing her message of being whole in Christ through her website solidsoulsunite.blogspot.com. This site will be active October 1, 2015.

Marlia is super thankful for all that she has been through and gives God all of the glory. She has been blessed with many opportunities since completely surrendering her life to Christ. In 2014, Marlia was featured in two films one locally and one that appeared on Lifetime. She also writes and speaks for 95.5 The Fish FM a local Christian Radio Station in Cleveland, Ohio. Weekly, Marlia works with TCT a Christian Television Station in Akron, Ohio. At the moment she is working on a web series, a movie, founding a non-profit, flipping houses, trading stocks, and trying to be all that she was created to be.

There are no limits to what God can do in your life and with your story. Allow Marlia’s story to inspire you to reach and achieve greatness no matter what you’ve been through, you too can be set free and redeemed.


Valencia Joy Fowler, 34 years old, discovered her passion for writing as early as the age of three. With a gift of creative writing and passion for words, writing short stories have always come easy for her. With a wealth of writing experience and a heart for helping others, Valencia has been blessed with an ability to write from the heart. She believes that every disappointment in life is not only designed to mature and perfect her calling in Christ, but is also purposed for ministering encouragement to others. She is best known among those who love her for her extreme loyalty and honesty, her compassion for broken women, her love for food and her infectious cackle.

Valencia is a devoted mother of two sons whom she credits as her greatest accomplishments as they allow her to live by her mantra: “Mommy hood is the best hood!” She has always been overprotective of them, and now that they are older they share the same sentiments for her. They share her love of Jesus, laughing and sarcasm. She is proud of the bond that they share. They can be found having dance contests, singing, playing board games and their newest obsession, free styling.  She is adamant about family dinners each evening, where they share about their day. They begin and end each day in prayer, and she loves hearing their candid conversations with God.

In 2012 she founded a group for married women. MRS!, which stands for Made in His image, Reaping God’s promises, Standing in Sisterhood.  She also began to anonymously blog the hurts that plagued her, as a way to write out her rehab. Women began to reach out to her, saying that her posts had ministered to them, encouraging her to write more.  It was the unconditional love of her children, her FRAmily (friends that are like family) and the support of these women that shielded her and supported her in a very dark time in her life. During this time of pain she found her purpose and began to walk in it. She stepped out from under the anonymous umbrella and founded, www.HEYSIS.org, in February 2015. It started out as a blog to encourage hurting women, and has now grown into a non-profit organization with the same mission. She also authors www.veesbookofrandoms, where she shows her funny side. Her boys have watched her grow her blog and her business. They readily offer suggestions and encouragement. Them being proud of her makes her day!

Her favorite scripture is Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Other go-to verses include Luke 2:52, Ephesians 3:20 and Psalm 27:13.  She refuses to become bitter by the people that hurt her and have purposed in her heart that God’s promises for her life are true. Her future endeavors include completing a women’s devotional. She completely adores her role as a mother.  She believes sisterhoodship is a vital part of life. To reach Valencia contact her via facebook, instagram, and twitter at sisheysis. Thank you for all that you do!


Siobhan Sanders is a 33 years old mother with two lovable boys Landree, 10 and Derrius, 6. Between work, school, sports, home, and her church, Faith Temple Church, she wishes she had more hands. Although her schedule is hectic, she’s quickly reminded that God would never put more on her than she can bare. One thing that keeps her going is those little faces that look and say “Mommy, are you okay?”. Everything she does is for them! Siobhan’s faith in God which was instilled in her at a young age, she implements the same for her sons today. The Sanders family is very active in their church. She is a part of the music ministry, Landree is a junior armor bearer, and both sons are active with the youth department. The advice Siobhan would like to give to other single mothers is to, “NEVER GIVE UP! Obstacles come but don’t worry, pray.” Her favorite scripture is “Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later.” –Romans 8:18. She believes God’s going to do great things for her and her family and we are in agreement with her.

The Patricks

Ryann Patrick is 26 years old wife to her soul mate, Ardale Patrick, and mother of 3 of amazing children. She is a graduate of the University of Akron where she received her BA, in Communications with a focus in Public Relations. She currently works as a program and production director at WCCD Radio 1000. She is a lover of music, art and food. Ryann believes it an honor to hold the title of mommy and wife. Her family means the world to her and she makes sure that they are happy, healthy, and secure. She welcomes teachable moments with her children. She loves showing them things, talking, shopping and sharing experiences with them.

Mrs. Patrick expressed, “God is and has always been my complete source and strength. I look back over my life during times where it seemed nearly impossible to excel, and it didn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. I was afraid to set goals for myself because my circumstances made them look too difficult to attain. That’s when I began to develop a stronger and more consistent prayer life. Now I look back, and am truly thankful because I know God was the vehicle that carried me through. I’ve met every single goal that I set for myself and I’m no longer afraid to challenge myself or stretch my limits because I know that all things are possible through Christ.”

She would like to encourage other mothers to PRAY and PUSH. She continued to say, “You are more capable than you think. Whatever you desire in this life is possible with prayer. Pray for discipline, stamina, and better ways to do things. The minute you begin to feel overwhelmed, discouraged, irritable, or incapable, just pray. There is a way to accomplish your goals, and still be a great wife and mother. There is nothing too small that disqualifies a prayer and nothing too big that prayer can’t cover. [1 Thessalonians 5:17 Pray without ceasing]

Barclay Family

Catherine Barclay a 32 year old single mother of two beautiful children whom she love and adore,  daughter Tayla 12 and son Ambrose 9. It has definitely been a journey for her dealing and coping as a single parent. She was married at the very young age of 20, and never imagined that her marriage would fail, but unfortunately it did. She suffered a great depression and couldn’t imagine it possible raising two children on her own. Catherine’s whole life had evolved around her family, making it impossible to move forward with her goals and aspirations at that time. Through her struggles and hardest times, she never lost my faith in God.

“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”- Hebrews 11:1

Catherine’s faith in God and the help of her spiritual family, one step at a time she found strength, regained self confidence and independence back. Today, she is in school, working full-time, and pressing towards her goals in which she has already accomplished. The most important value that she teaches her children is to keep God first in everything they do. The love of God never fails.

“There’s a scripture that always rings dear in my heart. For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11, Catherine stated.

She continued to say, “My goal is to inspire other mothers who face the many challenges of being a single parent. I want them to know, they are never alone, place your hope in God, for He is always with you. With God, All things are possible! Don’t lose sight of your dreams, don’t give up, always keep God first in your life!”

The Davis Family

Daphne Davis is a 34 year old mother of two amazing kids, 10 year old son Rico and 5 year old daughter Reagan. One of the most challenging and rewarding roles one could ever have is being a mother. There are moments when she is purely exhausted from juggling work, home life, church, kids’ activities, family and friend obligations, but there are always this inner push that keeps her going, it’s her drive to be the best mother she can possibly be. Is it easy? Not always, but is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY! “Single mother” was a title she never wanted, and one she thought carried much shame. She had two children out of wedlock by two different men. Shocking for a saved woman of God, so she thought. Her son’s father is now married with a family and her daughter’s father is deceased after a battle with cancer. Daphne stated, “As a parent you always have choices, and the choice I made early on was to never let my issues, mistakes, failures rob my children of a life full of opportunities, fun, love, joy, peace and happiness.”How do you do that? You may ask, with guidance, prayer and direction from God. She continued on to say, “Once God showed me I can’t change my past circumstances, and protect my children from life, I realized I can influence and change what’s in them. I can pray God’s protection over them, I can show them how to be resilient, strong, positive in spite of, forgiving, loving and teach them how to enjoy life. I can be a whole and stronger me and trust God will use me as an example of how they can handle whatever comes at them. I’m no expert but the greatest advice I can ever give on parenting is TRUST God and always lead by example. They are watching you more than you ever realize sometimes. Lastly, enjoy life with them, be silly, be crazy, spend time with them, build memories, create traditions and stay positive!”

The Bradens

Nathan Braden is a wonderful God fearing man who values his relationship with Christ. He is a devoted father to his 10 year old daughter Kaliyah. Nathan takes care of home while also juggling, what can be both a demanding and hectic career. He serves in the United States Navy as an ABH2 and Fire Fighter. It doesn’t matter if he is at home or away on deployment, Nathan makes it a point to put family first by praying with them every night before bed and making sure they’re both financially and emotionally secure. With his heart on fire for God, Nathan also serves on the praise team and choir at his home church as well as a mentor for the teen boys in an organization called Alpha and Omega. His wife, Danielle Braden, is amazed at how he balances all of that, without neglecting anything or anyone. If you ask him how he does it all, he will answer with one word, God! It’s truly remarkable with everything that’s going on what God has in store for this family. Husband, best friend, and lover, Nathan Braden. Thank you for your dedication.

The Carpenters

Paul Carpenter Jr. is a 26 year old husband to Tiffany Carpenter, father of two beautiful boys, friend, brother to many and a product of how God can use a willing vessel for his glory. This Leader, Minister, Dancer, Teacher, Tech Savvy Man of God is a beautiful example of how one can move in love, power, and humility. He teaches dance across the nation in Krump, ministering Gods word through love and word of knowledge, repairing tech and educating others in operation. He also serves at his church and at home as an amazing husband and father. He teaches his boys to grow into strong men of God and an example on how beautiful marriage can be in the righteousness of God, Paul Carpenter Jr. is a man worth honoring.


I’m thankful to have this moment to express how grateful I am to be a father and hopefully this is a blessing to someone else.  My name is Marlon Webb and life is just beginning for me. I recently graduated from the Police academy and through this accomplishment, I hope my children are able to see that they too can reach their goals in life. I’m set to get married to my beautiful fiance Crystal Dawson in August, and we are raising four children together. Yup, four children that drive me insane, but I love the fact we are able to raise them together. As a family, we attend  Revolution 216 and they have been a blessing. My message to the fathers out there is stay strong. No matter what happens, realize that our children need us too! We helped make them so let’s do our part and raise them.

downloadLady Tiffany Mattox, as she is affectionately known by her members, is a power house and voice for women of her generation. As a wife, mother of four, entrepreneur, and minister, she seeks to empower and inspire women in every area of their life. She has her B.A. in Communications from Cleveland State University and her Masters in Business Administration from Indiana Wesleyan University. Working alongside her husband Pastor Anthony Mattox Sr., she oversees the Women’s Ministry at The Empowerment Church. She has an intense passion for women and seeing them come into their purpose.

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Tiffany Early is the mother of two daughters Aniah and Kayla Early ages 6 and 1. She also is the wife of Pastor Judah Early. Tiffany Early finds great joy in helping others create and accomplish personal goals. She is finishing a Life Coaching program through New Life Coaching and will soon begin her journey to a Masters degree in Counseling. Tiffany loves to see her children as well as others walk in their God given gifts, she helps push this as she serves in the music department and the Pastoral team. She is also a Minister in training at the Mount Hebron Church in Cleveland Hts., Oh. Tiffany loves nurturing and supporting her children as well and her husband and desire to see them do all God has gifted and called them to do. She pushes Aniah’s dream to become a dancer and looks forward to seeing what kayla desires to do. All while supporting her husband not only in Pastoring but in his music and his photography business PictureThis! Tiffany believes you can wear many hats as a woman and do it well if you keep your eyes on God. Phil. 4:13 tells us I can do all things through Christ who strengths me.

downloadMy name is Kristen Pollard and I am a Ball State graduate with a degree in Elementary Education. I feel that teaching is definitely my purpose here on Earth! I am the wife of Louis J. Pollard III and we have a handsome one year old boy named Jonathan and we are pregnant with our second child, a baby girl named Hannah. I enjoy teaching other women about the importance of breastfeeding and helping them find resources to help educate their children. I am the founder of W.O.R.T.H.H, (Women on the Rise to Higher Heights) a ministry that the Lord placed on my heart during college for women to come together and study the word of God. My mission is for women to understand that their beauty does not come from outward appearance but from inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight. (1 Peter 3:3-4)

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