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Willa Walker

August 1, 2016

    A Playful New Tool for Parents and Toddlers Willa Walker helps babies explore the world while they learn to walk. It is made up of a wooden handle, two ropes and two wooden rings. That’s it. It is a simple yet smart tool that makes learning to walk even more fun for toddlers while saving adults the back-pain from always having to bend over to help them. Gabe Cohn, a Mechanical Engineer by trade, invented the Willa Walker in his garage after babysitting…

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Children Safety

Pokémon Go

July 27, 2016

  “Pokémon Go” is Dangerous for Children, Says Children’s Safety Group Tech safety expert weighs in on the risks and how to avoid them. Pokémon Go has been downloaded by more than 40 million users, making it one of the most widely downloaded apps of all time. In fact, it is now rivaling Twitter as the most popularly used Android app. However, Peter Wanless, CEO of children’s charity NSPCC, has come out against Pokémon, claiming that the game puts children…

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