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Consumer Reports: How to Protect Children’s Online Privacy

March 13, 2017

The digital lives of many children are born shortly after they are, when their parents start posting baby pictures on social media. Over the years a child’s digital trail lengthens, as the child and parents share more information online. Safeguarding children’s online privacy should be a family priority, security experts say, but the challenge is becoming more complicated. One new wrinkle is the advent of connected toys. It was recently revealed that one toy company might have left information from…

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Are your kids zoned out by over-stimulating media?

October 27, 2016

Are your kids zoned out by over-stimulating media? Why nature, music and laughter are powerful healers. Parents and grandparents are always seeking ways to help kids wind down. Yet so often the common choice: putting on a movie—actually stresses kids out more. That’s because most mainstream children’s media is over stimulating. Instead of relaxing children, it winds them up, makes them anxious or zoned them out—the exact opposite of what’s intended. In choosing children’s media that will positively benefit kids,…

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