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Organization Part I

June 3, 2015


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Let’s be honest, we have all at one time or another obsessed about organization and how we can become more organized.  My personal obsession with organization lasted for one year. Yes, in a year I rented 42 books from the library, and read tons of blogs and pinned 197 pins to my organization board. Ok maybe I went a little overboard, but I did all of this with one goal in mind, to become more organized in every part of my life. I had no idea that this goal was HUGE, but overtime I would come to the conclusion that organization takes time and is a way of life.  You just don’t wake up a new organized person. You must take baby steps.

So I started little by little first writing down the areas of my home that I wanted to organize. Next I wrote out how I planned on organizing each area and I finally set a goal of when I would have that area organized. This took time and planning because I needed to make sure that I would attain each goal. I didn’t want to not achieve my goals and then go back to frustration and feeling defeated. So I armed myself with a plan and I’m slowly (at my own pace) enjoying my wins, every time I organize something. Here are my 3 tips for organizing your home:

  1. Write out a plan of action! It can be as detailed or not as you’d like, but put it in writing. This will become your winning checklist. It will also be a good reference tool to refer back to from time to time.
  2. Go at your own pace! You don’t have to rush this process. Everything in your home is there for a reason. Organize smart by getting rid of unwanted, unused items for good. Allow time to let go of the emotional ties that you may have to some items. Always remember to LET GO!
  3. You define the organization in your home! Don’t allow anyone to come in your home and tell you how things should be or how your home should look. The key to home organization is for you to feel comfortable with where you store and place items.

Well, that’s just the start of home organization we will continue to discuss more on other ways to organize your life.
-Krista Evans

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