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4 Ways To Manage A Healthy Relationship With Your Children

April 4, 2017

As a parent you have to enforce guidelines and prepare your children so they’ll be able to survive on their own. At the same time, you want to form a bond with them that they’ll call you their (best) friend and still respect you as their parent. To ensure a positive outcome here are 4 ways to manage a healthy relationship with your children.

  1. Communication
  • Never miss the opportunity to talk to them. The more you talk to them, the more comfortable they’ll be to come to you. It’s better for them to come TO when they need to than run FROM you beacuse they don’t feel like they have a chance to be completely open without judgement.
  1. Availability
  • It’s so easy to get caught up with your daily tasks, but always make time for your children. You make time for things and people that are important to you and your children are no exception. Time is Love!
  1. Establish a Relationship
  • Relationship is key, you can be around your children and not connect with them. Pay attention to who they are from the inside out. You may have to meet them where they are to understand who they are and who they are becoming. Don’t underestimate what you think they don’t know. You can learn from them, just as much as they will learn from you.
  1. Trust
  • Trust goes BOTH ways. When this is fluent for both parent and child, there’s less stress. When a child feels like they can’t trust their parent(s) they’ll seek it elsewhere. When a parent can’t trust their child, it leads to frustration and often times disappointment. Establish the first three EARLY and trust will follow.

Remember your children are a reflection of you. Mistakes will be made, but never stop being there for them. Even though you are continuously teaching them, you are not exempt from continuously learning. You are their most influential person in their life, so take responsibility for that and be the best you can be for them. The best time to start is always NOW.

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