About Me

about2Tanisha Council is the founder of Love MOM (Mothers Overcoming Matters) a nonprofit dedicated to encourage, inspire and empower mothers to be the best they can be for their children and themselves. She leads various support groups that provides healthy and positive alternatives for parental struggles. Her greatest passion is to teach parents the importance of their involvement in their child’s education and the influence they have on their success in life.

She has introduced Love MOM to various local charter schools in Cleveland, Oh where she helps create and assist with after school programs, currently acts as co-chair of the Parent Advisory Council at her children’s school, and serves in her local community through her boutique for low income families. Tanisha’s life lessons motivated her to teach and encourage other mothers to get involved more than ever to protect, educate and support their children to create a successful future.

She is loved by her supportive husband and five children. They motivate her to keep going every day.